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Why Buy From Northcoast Custom Arcades?

What makes Northcoast Custom Arcades stand out from other arcade manufacturers?

That's a good questions and I'm glad you asked. This may sound a little self-serving, but then again, we need to point out our strong points that make us different.

So when shopping for an arcade, there are many choices these days. There are new companies popping up left and right. There are just as many companies that enter this market and disappear a year or two later.

One good indicator of whether or not a company will be around when it comes time for warranty repair or support, is if their manufacturing facility is based out of their garage. We are not saying that good quality items can't come from a garage...we are saying that if the company is not invested in their own business with scalable facilities and state of the art CNC equipment, then how invested in YOU or what they are selling you can they be? Most companies operating out of their back yard do not post their address on their websites...ask for their shop address and google map it. We have been in business since 2000 and we were one of the FIRST and ONLY custom arcade manufacturers in the business.

Now on to our support team...We offer something that no other arcade manufacturer offers...LIFETIME updates to the arcade system. Using in-house proprietary software, our arcade machines can check for available updates and automatically download and install newer versions of the operating system. This includes any bug fixes, any games that we've added to our systems and updated features. So your arcade system just keeps getting better even years after you make the initial purchase.

We also offer a proprietary SEARCH function. With literally thousands of games on a single system, our competitors would have you scrolling, paging or jumping around to find what you are looking for. Our software allows you to use the arcade controls to quickly enter a search phrase, and locate the exact game you are looking for. It will even tell you what games systems it is available for...then take you right to it!

Speaking of LIFETIME, we also offer a LIFETIME warranty on all arcade controls. That's right, for as long as you own the arcade.

As always, if you have specific questions or concernes, please feel free to contact at any time.

Northcoast Custom Arcades

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