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Northcoast Custom Arcade's products are built with reliability, dependability and durability and are covered by a Full Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If at any time, your arcade system breaks down during the warranty period, simply send it back to our facility for warranty repair.

All of our products come with a six months manufacturer's warranty. The warranty does not apply to resellers or if you transfer ownership of the machine to another party. Warranty is not transferable. Any shipping/freight charges relating to a warranty repair will be the customer's sole responsibility, unless otherwise noted.

Warranty repairs/replacements may contained refurbished or used parts.

Removal and installation of warranty replacement parts will be the customer's responsibility, unless otherwise noted.

If replacement parts become discontinued/unavailable, the closest match will be used.

If warranty repairs cannot be made due to unavailable parts, the warranty will become void.

Physical damage or abuse will render all warranties void.

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